Nightmares and Fears – Are They Related to Pregnancy

vivid dreams and pregnancy

Many women have reported having vivid dreams and pregnancy at the same time. Even if a woman does not usually remember all of her dreams, she can recall at least four to five lucid dreams per week or much more during her pregnancy. Lucid dreams and pregnancy often go hand in hand, since many women’s visions are often very rich in spiritual content related to the impending birth, their spiritual growth, their relationship with the baby, etc. This can also be an indicator that the woman is pregnant. The same is true for dreams about the birthing process as well as dreams regarding labor and delivery.

An Overview


It is also common for pregnant women to have multiple vivid dreams throughout the course of their pregnancy. In fact, some women report having up to ten or twenty different lucid dreams per week! While it is not unusual for a woman to have more than one lucid dream per week, it is definitely not uncommon for a woman to have up to twenty or thirty per week. Regardless, of how many dreams each woman reports having, they all essentially share the same themes.

For example, many pregnant women experience vivid dreams about being fully awake and aware during their pregnancy. They may recall feeling refreshed and renewed. They may visualize themselves having completed their pregnancy in the exact same position they were in before their dream, and they may feel a sense of peace as they look at their newborn baby growing inside of them. In addition, a pregnant woman may find herself taking physical actions she never took before her pregnancy without even realizing how much she is actually capable of doing because she is fully aware of her body and what it is capable of doing.

The Process 


Because dreams can often mirror events that occur in the waking life, many pregnant women wonder if they are remembering something from their dreams that is relevant to their pregnancy. This is most likely the case; however, some women report remembering more details in their dreams than they do in their waking life. Furthermore, some women have an easier time remembering things from their dreaming life compared to remembering things from their waking life. Therefore, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to “dream” about things that occur during the day while they are actually experiencing those things in real life.

Another common theme in women’s dreams is their sleeping schedules. Many women find that their dreams regarding their sleeping habits tend to be very similar to their actual sleeping schedule. As a result, this can cause the woman to experience a disassociation between her actual sleeping schedule and her dreams. In many cases, the woman will wake up in the middle of the night or prematurely from a dream. When this occurs, the woman will usually have difficulty falling back into sleep once she arrives in the real world. Because these types of nightmares often occur when a person sleeps too much, a person who is experiencing one with poor sleeping habits may be encouraged to change their sleeping schedule.

Another Theme 

The second common theme that is found in women’s nightmares relates to a specific person or thing. Often times, a woman will have a nightmare about being in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex. Alternately, a woman may also have a dream about becoming pregnant. However, the same thing happens in a majority of cases; the dreamer is not in a relationship with anyone or trying to get pregnant. In many cases, the only thing associated with these types of nightmares is the subject of the nightmare. Therefore, it can be difficult for a person who is experiencing one of these dreams to determine exactly which nightmare is associated with the situation.

Another common theme is having a clear description of where a nightmare is taking place. Most people who have had frightening dreams report that they can recall exactly where they were and what happened just before the dream took place. However, this does not always take place. Some people who have vivid dreams and pregnancy experience no recollection of anything happening before the dream took place. Regardless, if a woman has this kind of a recurring dream, she should consult her doctor for a diagnosis of a possible condition related to pregnancy.


Finally, some women report that their dreams about having a baby actually come true. Many women who have had frightening dreams about pregnancy have reported that they have become pregnant after having had those dreams. Although these dreams do not always lead to pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted to rule out any other medical conditions.

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