Personal Dream Interpretations That Allow You to Create a Story in Your Mind

Water Dreams in the Bible

When people have nightmares or night terrors, they often wonder what is going on in their minds when these dreams and visions are so vivid. You probably understand that dreams can come true and that a person can be aware that he is dreaming, and this knowledge gives a lot of power over the person who is sleeping or awake. However, how does one learn how to use his dreams to their advantage? What is your dream interpretation process?

Personal Dreams Of Water

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When you have had nightmares of massive tsunamis, storms, or any watery tsunami, you might use them as examples to your dreams. What does the water dream symbolism mean to you? What did you read in the dreams to help you with this interpretation? If you find out what your dreams mean to you, you will use the same tools and meanings to your advantage in your life.

The meaning of water in the bible and all cultures has a significant meaning. It means change and also death. If a person uses water as a symbol to communicate something negative to someone, such as death, then the message conveyed is not necessarily that of the person receiving it, but that of the bad event.

For example, when the prophet Moses was taken captive, his captors used water as a symbol of death. The Hebrew people did not understand what this meant but eventually learned that if they were to keep a man in captivity, they were to keep him as close to death as possible. They would take turns holding his head underwater until he died. This was the exact meaning when Moses died in Egypt. He became completely immersed in water.

Different Meaning

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When personal dream interpretations involve water and death, people often think that there are two different meanings: false. The first meaning of water is that of change in the face of death, and the second meaning of water is the death of change.

When a person has a personal dream interpretation based on both meanings, then the person is giving themselves the chance to create a story within the mind of the person being interpreted. This allows them to create a story in mind, where the message is a combination of both meanings. The combination of the message and interpretation is important because it allows the person to gain control over their mind’s interpretation. It allows the individual to decide whether they want to focus more on the meaning of the story.

Making Personal Dream Interpretations About Life Changes

When a person focuses more on the meaning, they can make personal dream interpretations about life changes in life. For example, when someone dreams that their child is ill and goes to their doctor to find out the problem, the person interprets that they are dealing with sickness in mind. They know that the doctor is telling the truth, and so they focus on the treatment and the illness to get rid of the child. Then they learn that they need to focus on the treatment and not worry about the symptoms and the child’s illness.

Focusing On Life Changes

By doing this, they can begin to focus on life changes and the future and see their child recover. They can make personal dreams that lead them to a healthier lifestyle and healthier conditions in their life. Personal dream interpretation can also be done by focusing more on the story of the dead. There are many references to water and death in the bible. In these references, people often use water dreams to connect themselves with life after death.

As we get older and our body’s memory fades, we may start to become aware that our bodies cannot remember some of the things we used to remember. Even though our memory might not be as clear as it once was, we still can remember some of our childhood memories. Using water dreams to remind us of these memories, we can connect ourselves to the memories that we had in our childhood.

Final Words

We can use these dreams to remind us of what was important to us, even if our memory does fade. Even if we are only aware that there is no longer any water around, we can still connect to that childhood memory through water dreams. We can see our childhood friends and our childhood stories in our dreams because we have some form of memory, even if it is water.

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