Popular Theories About Teeth Falling Out Dreams

Dreaming is a common phenomenon in our lives. Everybody dreams. However, a question that remains is: is there any meaning to dreams such as teeth falling out dreams. More specifically, is there any meaning of nightmares?

Popular Theories About Teeth Falling Out Dreams
Kid dream with missing teeth

There are many common types of nightmares like for example falling down or being chased. One such common type of nightmares is teeth falling out.

In fact, it is so common that, in his 2012 study, psychologist Calvin Yu, from the University of Hong Kong, estimated that around 39% of the total population already experienced this kind of dream.

Various Theories About Teeth Falling Out Dream

Popular Theories About Teeth Falling Out Dreams
Dream of teeth falling out

Theory by Mr. Yu

So, if a particular type of dream is so common, is there any common cause for it? Mr. Yu had thought of two possible causes. One is physical and related to dental irritation.

According to him, if anyone grinds his teeth while sleeping, it may turn out to invoke teeth falling out dreams. However, he had postulated another reason for these dreams as well. It could be psychological, where various external or emotional factors results in these dreams. Let us consider some of the factors here.

Theory of Stress

Stress is one factor. It could be the feeling that you are getting isolated, you are not able to communicate well. Things that are happening particularly in your workspace, like being demoted, isolated or ignored, may result in this kind of dreams.

Another common factor that might influence this kind of dreams is the fear of self-image. It could be a physical self-image and /or psychological one. The fear of aging, sense of insecurity over the looks, thinking yourself as inadequate in work, in social life, in personal life, or even an inferiority complex are some of the factors that could result in teeth falling out a dream.

Theory of Menopause

Yet, another interpretation of the dream is that women who are nearing menopause or who are in that stage of life experience this dream. It is also interpreted that people concerned with their lifestyle, particularly health and food habits, dream about teeth falling out. Here, dental care is directly related to good health, and your dental dream represents your concern about it.

Theory by Carl G.Jung

However, this dream is not associated with negative emotions only. Indeed, psychologist Carl G. Jung interpreted that teeth falling out dreams represent the beginning of something new.

It is the pain to start afresh and the joy following these emotions that give rise to the dream. It could be a new job, new relationship, new building, etc. During pregnancy, women witness these dreams as well, particularly during the second trimester.

The Actual Interpretation of Teeth Falling Out Dreams

Popular Theories About Teeth Falling Out Dreams
Which one is the true story?

So, what is the actual interpretation? There is a group of scientists who believe that dreams do not mean anything.  According to them, these toothy nightmares are just a manifestation of our subconscious mind, signifying nothing.

However, that does not explain why so many people dream about teeth falling out. It might be one of the debate that will never resolve and we may never know for sure what this dream actually means.

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