Knowing The Possibility of Dream Analysis

There are several books that have been written about dreams and their meanings. The first one was written in 1900, and the first establishment of dream analysis was deduced from it.

Knowing The Possibility of Dream Analysis
Analysing Dreams

Dreams have been a mysterious element of the human subconscious mind and have intrigued the human race for thousands of years. In ancient times, people used to believe that dreams were prophetic and conveyed some message from the gods.

Dream Analysis is a Therapeutic Technique

Doctors and psychologists use dream analysis as a method of psychoanalysis. Many therapies like art therapy, cognitive therapy, and Gestalt therapy are using dreams, and each therapy applies dream interpretation in different ways.

About Psychoanalysis

Knowing The Possibility of Dream Analysis
Analysing via Psychoanalysis

According to psychoanalysis, dreams represent unconscious desires and conflicts. However, some do not have any meaning and cannot be remembered. This is a latent dream. On the other side, the dreams that we can remember are active dreams.

During therapy, the person shares the manifested content of the dream. The therapist takes out symbols from the dream, and together with the patient, use them for exploration of the repressed part.

Dream analysis addresses the mental health issues of many people because the primary goal of dreaming is to help people face their problems. People need to fight their fears and nightmares, and that is what Image rehearsal therapy do. Indeed, this therapy cures patients with post-traumatic stress and chronic nightmares.

This is also helpful in turning a negative outlook of a person into a more positive experience. Experts help to analyze such dreams into a positive meaning after the person writes it down.

This encourages the patient to mentally rehearse this new dream script for 20 minutes, even when it seems difficult. It also decreases the frequency and intensity of nightmares. This technique is very effective. Therefore, many medical journals have recommended this technique for treating stress and nightmares.

Dream Analysis has Positive Results

Knowing The Possibility of Dream Analysis
Dream About Drowning

There are many positive results and benefits of dream interpretation but there are also some limitations. Indeed, some believe that dreams are purely a biological phenomenon that do not contain any symbolic meanings. They believe that these are mere thoughts that we think about, meaning that dreams are only fragments of our imagination.

Others claim that this theory does not meet the scientific standards as there is not any strong research to support the argument.

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