Prozac Vivid Dreams Fluoxetine Effects

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Can you have Prozac induced vivid dreams? In all seriousness, the answer is yes. This is because, while it has not been scientifically proven, there are some people who say that they have had beneficial reactions to Prozac and fluoxetine. That said, most of the data about these side effects is still anecdotal. We simply don’t know how to categorize them accurately.

An Overview

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One of the things that is known about Prozac induced vivid dreams is that it causes a change in the brain chemistry that can be related to its mood stabilizing effect. One of the symptoms of depression is that the brain chemicals associated with happiness and affection become less abundant. These are actually two of the neurotransmitters, serotonin and norepinephrine. Depression is believed to be caused by a change in these chemicals. One of the side effects of taking Prozac is that it causes the serotonin levels to increase. This is what causes the serotonin to be more available for your brain to handle.

Another thing that we do know about the fluoxetine side effects weight gain is that this can occur. There were studies done using pregnant women. It was found that the combination of fluoxetine and amine could cause an increase in the amount of fats that the mother took in. This could account for the many women who find that they develop an obesity problem once their bodies stop taking amine. If you develop an obesity problem, it is probably because you are taking too much amine. As with many other medications, the FDA has not approved any over the counter use of fluoxetine for weight loss purposes.

Common Side Effects 

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The other common fluoxetine hcl side effects associated with Prozac is anxiety. Some users have reported having increased anxiety while taking the drug. This is especially true if someone is taking the medication on a regular basis. Many people who develop anxiety problems also report feeling restless or having a hard time falling asleep. This again can account for the increased amount of is that some people develop when taking the drug.

Mood changes are another of the fluoxetine side effects that some people experience. They report feeling irritated or angry a lot more often. Some also report having headaches more often or having trouble sleeping. This is believed to be caused by the interaction between fluoxetine and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a type of medication that contains ibuprofen like effects on the body.

Mild Side Effects 

One of the most common fluoxetine side effects is experiencing hallucinations. People have been known to see and hear things that aren’t there just before going to sleep at night. They also report feeling very alert and hyper as well, and having problems concentrating. These feelings should pass as the body begins to adjust to the 40 mg dosage of fluoxetine. People should still report feeling more energized than they did prior to taking the medication.

One of the more interesting side effects of the drug involves sex or libido. Many women take the medication because they want to feel more aroused and sexually active. This doesn’t affect everybody, but some women report having less interest in sex after taking the medication. There is no explanation as to why this occurs. It does, however, affect women differently than men.


One of the side effects that may account for less interest in sex or libido is dizziness. Some users have described feeling as if they are “high” or “stoned” after taking the Prozac. This is attributed to increased blood flow to the brain, which could lead to feelings of weakness or dizziness. There are other side effects that make people look into alternatives to Fluoxetine. An amino acid supplement called L-glutamine has been shown to improve mood and reduce depression in patients with mild depression. If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and are using Prozac, you should speak to your doctor about trying an amino acid-based supplement.

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