Recurring Dreams Aren’t Always a Bad Sign

This is the first stage of insomnia. That’s why, if you experience more of this recurring dreams, you should consider consulting a therapist.

Recurring Dreams Aren’t Always a Bad Sign
Have happy recurring dreams

A normal mind dreams for about 5-20 minutes, and for about 6-7 times in a span of 3-4 hours. Science explains that most of us experience dreams when we are in REM mode of sleep. It means that we dream when we are deeply asleep. There are certain nightmares that also occur in the non-REM sleep and can be really scary. It may lead to anxiety, fear and even depression in certain cases if it happens recurrently.

Meaning of Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams can be based on the same theme or on a different theme with a similar concept. Our mind visualizes such dreams as being the same and neglects the theme of the dream. Many times, we wake up and feel bad because of a dream that we keep on getting again and again. Instead of being stressed out, we can deduce the meaning from it that can actually help us face our real-life issues.

Recurring Dreams Aren’t Always a Bad Sign
What does recurring dream mean?

Repetitive Dreams About Losing Someone

If you have recurring dreams about losing someone, it means that you are not dealing with a real-life loss. It may be a person or monetary loss. In such scenarios, you should try and face the situation, so that you can let it go.

Repetitive Nightmares

Recurring nightmares occur in the non-REM sleep. It means a certain problem is causing you anxiety and you are not ready to face it. There is a theory saying that you can control the dream when you are in the non-REM condition. It means that, if you face the nightmare, it may help you overcome the dream as well as the real-life anxiety that you are dealing with.

Repetitive Dreams of Being Late for an Important Exam or Event

This is a very generic dream that most of us have. In our daily lives, we are so stressed out that we forget to put our minds at ease. These dreams are just depiction of how stressed our mind is. It means that we should stop thinking too much about a certain event.

Repetitive Dreams of Failing in an Exam

In contrast to the previous dream, it actually means that you are doing well in your professional and personal life. It is just an internal fear that reminds us of failures. Indeed, if you have recurring dreams about failing an important exam, it is actually a good thing.

Is it a Good Sign to Have Repetitive Dreams?

Recurring Dreams Aren’t Always a Bad Sign
Is it a good sign or a bad sign?

If your dreams are repeating themselves, it certainly means that there is something that you should acknowledge. Leaving something unfulfilled can lead to recurring dreams. Also, in certain scenarios, it is a good thing to have such repetitive dreams as it is a sign of a healthy and prosperous life. If we acknowledge such dreams, we would be able to solve things that we haven’t been able to solve for a long time.

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