Stop Vivid Dreams – Dealing With Dream Related Issues

stop vivid dreams

Sleep disorders can cause vivid dreams and there are several other things like alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation causing the same. Everyone dreams but not everybody has the memory of the dream. It is stated that people tend to spend at least 2 hours every night dreaming and their complexity has always remained a mystery to scientists. What is already established is that quality sleep is mandatory for efficient brain functions and the lack of sleep will affect the communication of nerve cells with each other causing more problems. In recent research, it has also been revealed that sleeping can remove toxins from the brain during working hours. This article is a discussion on how to stop vivid dreams and details about the causes.

Causes Of Vivid Dreams

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A person can have vivid dreams for several reasons and it depends on the individual situations. People can find the thoughts from the day invading their sleep but they also experience vivid dreams due to the rapid eye movement sleep. The first major cause is sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep can lead to more intense dreaming sometimes. The next would be alcohol consumption as it can suppress the rapid eye movement sleep. When a person suddenly stops drinking then it can lead to unusually intense dreams.

Besides, using certain substances like the marijuana, cocaine, ketamine and so on can contribute to a person having unpleasant dreams. If a person is again recovering from man addiction then he might have vivid dreams about drug usage from which they are recovering. This can be common and their experts also think that dreams are a part of the impact that drug addiction will have on the brain.

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More Causes Of Vivid Dreams

Stress and traumatic events can easily lead to vivid dreams and the researchers also believe that dreaming plays an important role in a person processing their emotions and memories. If a person has experienced post traumatic stress disorder then they are more likely to have bad vivid dreams. Another reason could be pregnancy as the nightmares are common during pregnancy. It is mostly due to the stress of the mother preparing for delivery and parenting and the fluctuations in hormones. 

How To Stop Vivid Dreams

When you have short term stress or if you are going through pregnancy, you should understand that dreams will go away on their own but there are also other few ways that people can avoid having dreams. You might have to avoid substance usage and reduce your alcohol consumption primarily. Starting to have good sleep hygiene can reduce the chance of having bad dreams.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke suggest that a person should aim to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day and exercise around 20 to 30 minutes but never right before bed. They also insist on avoiding caffeine and nicotine usage immediately before bed and to relax. If the person is still experiencing disturbing vivid dreams regularly then they should consult their doctor. 


It is possible that everyone has vivid dreams occasionally and it is not to be worried about. However, make sure to visit your doctor if you are getting disturbed by it regularly.

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