Symbolism in Dreams - The Meaning of Water in Your Dreams - Symbolism in Dreams - The Meaning of Water in Your Dreams -

Symbolism in Dreams – The Meaning of Water in Your Dreams

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In fact, for as long as I can remember, every time I would have a sudden sleepless night, I would pray for God to give me some more sleep. It seemed that something was meant to happen every time I slept.

What Is The Water Meant To Be?

A person standing next to a body of water

My first question when wondering about my dreams was “What is the water meant to be?”. I finally realized that it had something to do with the color of the water. The water in my dream was blue, and the color of the sky around me was green. The reason that I finally got it, I thought, was because the sky was a different color than the water. I also noticed that the night before, I had seen some boats coming into our neighborhood.

My next dream about water brought more clarity to my question. My next dream was in a garden with lots of flowing water. I couldn’t make out any details of what I saw in my dream, but I knew that it was in a garden. And, that is the meaning of water in dreams.

There are times in our dreams when we have waterfalls or other water features that are very symbolic. We may have a dream about falling down a waterfall, being swept away by a fast-moving river, or seeing some child playing at the edge of a large body of water. These are all examples of water symbolic images. Our imaginations play on these images, and often, we interpret them in a way that we have chosen.

Dreams About Water

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When we are having our dreams about water, this is often a reminder of our bodily changes during our waking hours. We wake up to move and breathe and sometimes get drowsy. This is why there is such a thing as a water symbol in the Tarot. The seven-pointed star has been interpreted as a sign of change, and the hour hand of the reading is used to describe how our physical selves relate to our spiritual self.

Playing With The Energies Of Water.

When you read your Tarot cards, you are playing with the energies of water. Tarot symbols are connected to the water of the subconscious and the elemental water element. This is one reason that so many people interpret their dreams involving water symbolism. Tarot can be used to reveal many things about our minds and our souls. These symbols are not always literal, as the meanings of most of the images in the decks can be taken from myths, legends, or religious texts. However, if the images are taken from such places, there is an inherent meaning.

Final Words

In our modern world, there are many symbols for the water element. For example, if you draw a circle on a paper or card, it represents the struggle between the forces of darkness and light. When you look at a palm tree and see its leaves turn color or if you see a dolphin or fish moving through the water, these are all related to the water element.

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