The Adventures of Dreams Playa Mujeres Water Park

dreams playa mujeres water park

One of the newest attractions in Playa Mujeres, Mexico is a very strange water park called Cenotes. There are quite a few things that make Cenotes a very interesting attraction, but what attracts tourists most is its five-minute drive away from town. This mysterious water park has many things to offer visitors including; white sandy beaches, wave pools, shallow water slides, and lots of awesome rides. While this is definitely one of the scariest water parks around, it is also one of the most fun.

Ride You Can Not See Is The Scuba

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The ride you can’t see is the Scuba-Diving-oat. This ride gets you up about thirty feet into the air and lets you feel like you are on a plane. You also get to experience how the diver adjusts his or her buoyancy with each pump. The dive itself doesn’t go very fast, but it feels more like a slow speed dive. You will feel the water rushing against your skin as the ride goes on.

Another ride that might interest you involves raft riding. You are placed on a raft and the ride rushes forward at very high speeds. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is very thrilling. Very fast rapids ride then follows and you are dropped into the water. As the raft makes a big turn, you are thrust forward and your eyes are drawn away from the raft for an instant. It is then time to go forward again and this one leaves you soaked.

Of course you can’t leave the area without visiting the Wild Water Slides. These slides are two hundred feet tall and offer you a view of the Caribbean Ocean. The slide rides are great because they can go anywhere from one to three miles. The water slides are also very exciting because they offer you a view of the horizon and you get to ride at very high speeds.

Offer You The Pleasure Of The Tropical Sunset

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For a relaxing afternoon, the Water Park can offer you the pleasure of the tropical sunset. At night, you can take a dip in the swimming pool or swim on the beach. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner. While you’re there, you can try out the various dining options that are available.

All of the water park attractions at Dreams Playa Mujeres can be enjoyed by children under twelve years old. Since this is a family-friendly park, you won’t have to worry about getting your child’s heart racing while enjoying the various attractions. There are also slides for older kids that are designed for the younger ones.

The beach at Dreams Playa Mujeres is only a short walk from the pool. Because it is so close, your kids will be able to join you in the excitement of jumping, diving, and playing. You can bring your little ones along with you and they can explore the different areas that are filled with toys. They will love being right next to you when you jump in the pool or use the trampoline.

Wide Variety Of Rides Available At Dreams Playa Mujeres Water Park

With a wide variety of rides available at Dreams Playa Mujeres, you are sure to find something that will excite and thrill you. The water park also has many interactive exhibits in which your kids can participate. Make sure that you stop by during your vacation and take advantage of all that it has to offer. You’ll find that it is one of the best places to go to if you want to have fun in the sun while still in the lap of nature.

One of the most exciting things about Dreams Playa Mujeres water park is that it has two big slides. This means that you and your kids can spend an entire day enjoying the fun that the park has to offer. There are even areas where you can take advantage of the shade and stay out of the sun. There is no shortage of space here at this water park, so you and your kids are sure to have a good time. The playground area is big enough to accommodate groups of kids, so it’s easy to find a spot to run around and have some fun.

The Family Centennial Outdoor Activity Park offers a huge variety of games for kids of all ages. There are games for everyone, including musical chairs, touch-the-screen, and indoor and outdoor trampolines. These activities can be enjoyed by children of all ages. In addition to the activities, there is even food available in the park. You can grab burgers and fries, sandwiches, soft drinks, hot dogs, popcorn, and other goodies from the concession stands. This is one of the best ways to kill a few hours in the sun while hanging out with your kids.

Bottom Line

One of the best parts of the Dreams Playa Mujeres water park is its location. It is right next to the Cabo San Lucas resort and casino. This gives kids the opportunity to spend a few days playing on the water as they observe the life and culture of this area firsthand. If you’re planning a vacation to Cancun and you want to include activities that you and your kids will be able to participate in, then Dreams Playa Mujeres is definitely a destination worth considering. Make sure to take your kids along on your next trip to Cancun to give them a memorable experience.

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