The Lucid Dreaming Song U Mad by Juice

lucid dreams song

“Lucid Dreaming” is the title of a song by Australian rapper Juice World. It was first released by Interscope Records and Grade A production on June 1, 2020, and subsequently made its debut in the US through Atlantic Records. The song quickly reached Number 6 on the iTunes singles chart and has become one of the most popular dream songs among those who listen to the music.

About Juan Gomez Bernal

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Juan Gomez Bernal (a.k.a Juice) is a rapper from Australia who gained popularity thanks to his single “U Mad.” He was born in Brazil and moved to Australia at an early age. It fills his lyrics with exuberant language and humor. His rapping style often incorporates heavy use of the double-time beat and baseline. We also know Juicy J for his music video, which has won several awards including “Video of the Year” at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. Juice is not the only person to make a hit with this dream song. Besides Juice, there are many other rappers that have performed this song such as Big Boi, Fatboy Slim, Waka Flocka Flame, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Rakim, Wale, and Eminem. They have featured some of these artists on album covers of lucid dreaming songs.

Study Of Lucid Dreams

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The popularity of this type of lucid dreaming music is largely attributed to the fact that the subject of lucid dreams is widely studied and understood. Lucid dreaming has often been the source of confusion or fear among individuals, since it involves a feeling of being out of touch with reality. Many people who have experienced this dream state claim that the experience was very similar to waking life but they also claimed that their minds remained lucid throughout their dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Session

Many people have wondered what exactly a lucid dreaming session entails. With Juice, he uses a recording device to help him reach a state where he can articulate his experiences while he was in a lucid dreaming state. The song features narration by Juicy and is about the process by which a person can gain control of their waking mind and subconscious while in a dreaming state. The lyrics are full of humor and a positive outlook.

REM Period

We believe lucid dreams to result from someone having a vivid dream during the REM period in their sleep. The dream is believed to be full of images and sounds consistent with real life events. When you are in a dream, you are aware of the physical world, however the dreamer is aware of your mind and body and the surrounding things, including how to communicate with the outside world. According to some experts, you are aware of your dreams even when you are not dreaming, but you are in a lucid dream even when you are not. This is because dreaming is thought to be meditation.

In Conclusion

When you reach a state where you are awake, you will find yourself unable to remember anything from the dream. This is because the dreamer is asleep. The best time to remember something from your dream is when you wake up. The song is about using the subconscious mind to remember what happened in the dream. We usually do this to communicate with loved ones, but it is also possible to use the subconscious mind to send messages and commands to people or objects in your dream environment.

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