The Top 5 Common Dreams You Should Know

There are many types of dreams and everybody experiences them differently. However, some dreams are very common and recurrent. We listed for you the 5 most common dreams.

Everybody dreams. Sometimes, we get eager to know what are the meaning of the symbols and images dreamt about. Some common dreams actually contain some kind of message that our subconscious mind wants to deliver.

The Top 5 Common Dreams You Should Know
Sleep and dream

The Top 5 Common Dreams

Dreaming of being chased

This is a common dream which most of the people have experienced at least once in a lifetime. It indicates a problem or an issue that you need to address and that you are trying to avoid. It may also mean that you are trying to avoid a relationship or a painful and fearful emotional condition.

Dreaming of water

The Top 5 Common Dreams You Should Know
Dream of water

The dream about water can reflect our own internal feelings and how we emotionally respond to life. Dreaming about calm and sparkling water gives a positive indication. On the contrary, if the water is rough and murky, it indicates negativity. Water is one of the five elements of life and is connected to peace, happiness and purity. However, dreaming about water can have both negative and positive interpretations depending on the details of the dream

Dreaming of falling

This is also one of the most common dreams. It can be interpreted as losing control over some situation or relationship. Such a dream may be an indication of feeling insecure about your job position, or about your social status. Moreover, falling dreams may warn you that you have to be more cautious in your life and about your financial status.

Such dreams can also be a sign that you have reached your maximum limit and feel exhausted. There can be many interpretations of falling dreams. They depend on the nature of dreams and the symbols in them, like for example whether you are falling from the sky or from a building.

Dreaming of unable to move

The Top 5 Common Dreams You Should Know
Unable to move while dreaming

This dream is also a very common dream. It may signify that you are not in control in your life, no matter how much efforts you are doing. It can also mean that a particular situation is not changing according to your expectations. Being unable to move in a dream may also indicate that you are not in a position to reach your goals or that your goals are slipping away from you.

Dreaming of snakes

Dreaming of snakes could be the sign that you are afraid of something or someone in your life. Indeed, it can be a sign of some sort of threat or a dangerous event in the coming future. Sometimes, dreaming of snakes can be an indication of getting wealthier.

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