Top 3 Facts Regarding Vivid Dreams-Pregnancy - Top 3 Facts Regarding Vivid Dreams-Pregnancy -

Top 3 Facts Regarding Vivid Dreams-Pregnancy

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If you are one of those people who normally does not dream or even if you dream, you don’t remember them when you wake up but during those months of expecting, you are having a parade of vivid dreams when you sleep, then there is definitely something on your subconscious.

You don’t have to be worried if your dreams and daydreams are rich with details because dreaming during your pregnancy is normal and healthy and often they can help you too. Here, in this piece, we have gathered three facts regarding vivid pregnancy dreams that will help you to understand the genesis of these vivid dreams. 

Reasons for Pregnancy Dreams

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Though many pregnant women find themselves having these dreams very early on, normally it isn’t until the third semester that these dreams become more vivid as they are more sleep-deprived and thinking about their future more often than not. Therefore, we can always chalk it up to the hormones as a cause of those vivid pregnancy dreams but there are other probable reasons too.

  • Firstly, you have a lot of things going on your mind these days. Drams are a way to work through all that you are thinking and worrying about and have a closure or resolve for the impending positive change in your life.
  • Secondly, they are the outlets of what you are feeling. Myriads of emotions such as anxiety, ambivalence, joy are there in your brain but you can’t express it so your dreams are doing the deed. 
  • The most probable cause can be sleep disruption. Perhaps, you have to be comfortable or use the washroom, and sleep is getting interrupted from time to time and you are having these elaborate dreams.

What Do They Mean

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Though there are many theorizing about their meaning, there is no absolute certainty about the meaning of these dreams. The speculations are:

  • If you are dreaming of falling down or getting attacked by intruders or animals then you are feeling vulnerable which is quite common when you are expecting.
  • If the dreams contain fairly familiar actions like forgetting to lock the door or turning off the stove or, feeding the baby, they are just connected with your fear to be a mother and the insecurities along with it.
  • When you are dreaming of getting stuck in a small place that means you are afraid to lose your freedom as a mother.

What You Can do

All you can and should do is to relax. Don’t overthink about your dreams as they are totally normal and very common among pregnant women. It’s just your mind’s way of working things out. 

If you are having some nightmare that is rich in color and details, do not worry about it either. Because those dreams can too have a positive indication. It’s your mind’s way to take some sort of control over your life before and during the time of a vital transition.


Along with you, your partner can have vivid dreams too. Though there are no pregnancy hormones to take the blame, there can be plenty of anxiety in your partner’s mind too. Try to not worry and take a step back to evaluate each other’s dreams. They are a therapeutic way to change stories and strengthen your connection as a family.

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