The Top Four Dream Symbols You Should Know

The Top Four Dream Symbols You Should Know
What are dream symbols?

It is said that every single person on earth dreams for 90 minutes to 2 hours every night. Sometimes, the dream symbols can be very frightening.

As soon as you get up in the morning, you start recalling your dreams. You try to put together the fragments you remember so that you can find out what your subconscious mind wants to communicate to you. Most of the people want to know the meaning of the dream symbols about which they dream.

The Top 4 List


Seeing an animal in your dream usually symbolizes your personality, and might also indicate your repressed needs and desires. The interpretation of animals in dreams also depends on your behavior towards animals and how you react to them.

If you see a wild animal, it may signify that you will have to face some difficulties in the coming days. In case you see a domestic animal, it indicates love and harmony in your life.


The Top Four Dream Symbols You Should Know
Dream of cross

This symbol is interpreted differently according to religious beliefs. Some people interpret it as an end to a particular phase of life. For Christians, it symbolizes suffering and crucifixion.

The crosses you see may be in different metals, whether gold, silver or copper. They all have a different meaning. For example, a golden cross means that this is the time to enjoy life and let go of the past.


This is the most common dream. It usually means and symbolizes our anxieties about losing control over a particular situation. It also could signify that you have reached your limits and cannot go further, that you want to have some freedom, or that you need a break.

Another meaning is that you may have failed to achieve a goal that you set and you feel desperate about it. The meanings of these dreams also depend upon the falling in itself, like whether you are falling from the sky or from a building.

Dreaming of Snakes or Reptiles

The Top Four Dream Symbols You Should Know
Dream of a reptile

Reptiles are symbols of awareness, health, and emotion. However, according to many psychoanalyses, they are also related to money, wealth, treasures and mysterious events.

Generally, dreaming about snakes signifies that you are dealing with difficult situations or facing some kind of danger. On a more positive side, dreaming of snakes can mean that healing and transformation are going to happen. It can also indicates that you are gonna get wealthy.

Dreaming of snakes does not always have a negative meaning. Indeed, snakes are not only related to mysterious events and danger, and according to some religions, dreaming of snakes symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

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