The Truth Behind Your Dreams About Falling

Dreams about falling are the most common and frequent ones. When someone is starting to fall, he instantly wakes up from his dream; transforming these dreams as rather scary. Dreaming of falling may be an indication of losing control over a situation, or over any aspect of life.

The Truth Behind Your Dreams About Falling
Dream of falling

One of the many theories on dreams about falling suggests that it may signif a loss of control over a particular situation in life, whether linked to your home, office, or even a relationship. Falling is the reflection of both internal or external issues which have not been resolved. Depending on the context of a dream, one can point to the key areas that need to be analyzed.

Type of Falling Dreams

There are many types of falling dreams which could probably have different meanings when analyzed.

Losing Balance

The Truth Behind Your Dreams About Falling
Loosing balance

Dreaming about losing balance usually denotes that the problem lays within yourself and indicates a certain instability and the need for a firm grounding in life. You should try and gain more confidence when meeting people and in your social life. Looking at the people that were present while losing balance can be a helpful indicator in the analysis of the dream.

On the Edge

If you dream about holding onto the edge to survive, it indicates that you should take some time for yourself, slow down, and refrain from taking risky decisions. This is possibly a sign that you should take some time for your physical and mental health.

Pushed by Someone

Dreaming about being pushed by someone may signify that this person wants you to lose control over yourself. Being pushed by yourself means that you reached your maximum and needs an immediate break.

Psychoanalysts consider many elements while decoding dreams. For example: are you dying in the dream, how are you feeling before and after being pushed, or, did you saw the person who pushed you. All these kind of elements collectively decode the meaning of th dream.

How Did You Fall?

The Truth Behind Your Dreams About Falling
Falling in reverse

If you remember how you felt on the ground, it could reveal what you have to fix in your life. Moreover, falling in the water implies an emotional breakdown and you have to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

Falling on the hands usually means that the dreamer has to extend an extra hand to the people around him. Also, if one was feeling happy or positive while falling, it might mean that a sudden change is going to happen which will be in his favor or interest. Landing on the feet signifies that the dreamer will overcome all the obstacles in life and be in a safe zone and happy.

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