Top 6 Reasons for Vivid Dreams Lately - Top 6 Reasons for Vivid Dreams Lately -

Top 6 Reasons for Vivid Dreams Lately

Vivid Dreams Lately

Are you having vivid dreams lately? Are you confused about why these dreams are occurring in the first place? Then, you are in the right place. However, before we delve into the causes of vivid dreams, we should know what vivid dreams are. Though we view sleep as a recharging process for our bodies, our brains are quite active at that time because even when we are sleeping, we are dreaming.

Our dreams can be fantastical or realistic, scary or soothing, and helpful or mysterious. From time to time, when we wake up, we don’t remember anything about what we have dreamt. But, sometimes, we can recall everything like we are watching or replaying a movie in our heads, those are called vivid dreams. Though scientists have no idea why we dream, they may have found the reasons for our vivid dreams. So, here we have enlisted the probable causes of vivid dreams.

Sleep Disorder and Stress or Anxiety

If you have sleeping problems such as narcolepsy or Insomnia and have a lack of sleep, you might have more risk of having vivid dreams. When your sleep schedule changes like you are traveling through air and will sleep at a different time zone, that too can be a cause of vivid dreams. If for some reason, you are getting less sleep than you usually do, that could be the cause of your vivid dreams.

If you go through something real or imaginary difficult problems, you will inevitably feel stressed or experience anxiety in your regular life. Or, when something big happens with school, work, family, or friends, you might have these intense dreams. Any important event in your life like buying a house or getting married can cause these dreams too. If you have severe anxiety, then you can have vivid and strange dreams related to your anxiety. Stressful incidents like car accidents, death of a closed one can cause trauma-induced vivid and disturbing dreams.

Medication and Substance Abuse

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There are reports of several medications out there that influence vivid dreams. The medicines like beta-blockers, Parkinson’s disease medicines, antidepressants, drugs for smoking, and blood pressure can be the reasons for these dreams too.

The usage of excessive recreational drugs and alcohol can cause vivid dreams. The withdrawal from those said drugs and alcohol can cause vivid dreams or nightmares.

Early Pregnancy and other Health Issues

If you are pregnant then your sleep pattern, hormones, and emotions are changing with your body too, which can trigger vivid dreams. Several pregnant ladies have stated that in the early days of pregnancy, they used to have vivid dreams.

Just like anxiety, other mental illnesses like schizophrenia, depression can cause vivid dreams too. People with cancer or heart diseases can often experience vivid dreams.


In this article, we have enlisted six reasons for having vivid dreams. These dreams can be positive or negative, realistic or unrealistic, but the certain way to tell that you are dreaming is REM or Rapid Eye Movement. So, next time you see someone and rapid movements on their closed eyelids, you will know they are visiting the dreamland.

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