Understanding Vibrant Dreams Meaning Pregnancy

vivid dreams meaning pregnancy

Lucid dreams are dreams that are completely self-induced and often are very suggestive of things that are going to happen in someone’s life. In fact, a person who has had many lucid dreams over time will often realize that they have had recurring lucid dreams that have similar meanings to the person’s waking life. You might even have a dream that you have tried to describe in detail in your lucid dream but you still do not know what the dream is referring to. To understand this type of lucid dream, you need to understand the meaning of vivid dreams.

An Overview

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When you have a dream about pregnancy you usually wake up and then re-enter sleep once again. If you have several such dreams each night, you will realize that they are all related to your pregnancy. The first few nights of your pregnancy you may even have more than just one of these dreams and sometimes the dreams will come at very odd times or you will be very brief in your dream and yet the meaning may be very obvious. For example, you may find yourself watching television or surfing the internet during your lucid dream and then suddenly have a baby in your dream. These types of lucid dreams are called clairvoyant dreams which can have specific meanings that relate directly to your dream.

Another common occurrence of dreams about pregnancy is if you find yourself suddenly pregnant after you have gone through the process of giving birth. This can happen because you are having a bad dream about your current situation and the pain that you are feeling. This can lead you to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation in your waking life, such as going into labor. Your dream may even lead you to take action that will help you relieve the pain that you are feeling.

Meaning Of The Dreams

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Many women experience recurring lucid dreams about pregnancy that seem to be very meaningful. Sometimes these dreams refer to important decisions that need to be made and they may even give you a hint as to what you should do in order to help you finally reach your destination. Some women have their dreams about pregnancy lead them to go to the hospital in a panic, while others seem like random acts of violence that never cease. Regardless of what your dreams about pregnancy have in store for you, it can be very encouraging if you pay close attention to them.

Many dreams that occur during your regular dreaming sessions can have a lot of meaning to you. You may start to realize that a particular dream has significance to your life even if you didn’t realize it before. If you notice that certain dreams have repeated themselves in your dreams over again, you may want to pay attention to what they mean. Perhaps there is a major decision that needs to be made regarding your life and you find yourself waking up one day in an emotional state of desperation. Making a positive dream resolution or decision can help you get past your negative feelings and get you on the right track to having a positive outcome.

Stay Stable

Many women have dreams about pregnancy that talk about the baby bump that is developing. You may find this very scary, but keep in mind that these are normal and are simply reflecting your dreams as they happen. Your body is changing and preparing for birth, so it would be wise to remember this in your dreams. You also have dreams that may bring up thoughts of miscarriage or pre-term labor. These are common feelings that are common to women who are pregnant. However, if these thoughts start to come up in your daily dreams you may have something stronger happening in your life that you need to pay attention to.

Another thing to pay attention to in your dreams is whether they seem like they are related to physical problems. If you are afraid of bleeding in your dreams you may need to re-examine your feelings about bleeding. If you are afraid that you are going to lose your unborn baby, you may be scared by what is happening to you in your dreams. By paying attention to these things in your dreams, you can see if there is anything worth worrying about.


Your dreams may have meant that you do not understand. This may be a sign of a pregnancy that is too much for you to handle on your own. You should talk to someone that you trust before you do anything that you may regret. Even if you have dreams about miscarriage, pre-term labor, or abortion you may still find that you have a good support system behind you to help you through this time. When you talk about your dreams with people that you trust, they may be able to point out something that you have missed out on in your quest for understanding.

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