Underwater Dreams Film Review- Sneak A Peak

Underwater Dreams Movie

Almost all of us have watched or even heard about the underwater Dreams film, which came out in 2014. It has secured an IMDb rating of 7.8 out of 10, and it has a feel-good essence. If you still haven’t watched it, it is high time that you read the review first. You have to leap into the brief overview and the movie’s in-depth plot so that you know what to expect. So without any delay, let’s delve deep into the introduction of the Underwater Dream film.

Brief Overview

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There are a lot of overtones when it comes to underwater dreams by Mary Mazzio. This film encompasses 4 Mexican immigrants who are undocumented. The four individuals strive forward to win a Robotics contest against superior teams from MIT. The storytelling could have been better, but there is a beautiful balance because of all the likable characters. This is is a feature film, which is something that shows major interest when it comes to giving inspiration. It is one of the premium films that should be shown on the small screen and the classroom and college rooms.

A Little Detail

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Carl Hayden High School has a Latino student body, and it has a portrayal as a very shady place. There was a throwback to the scene in 2004 when these four kids were trying to play with underwater robotics. The faculty members pushed them to enter a college competition at the location of Santa Barbara. According to one of them, competing against the other college teams was an element of ambition and not ego. The college was shown to be full of poor students who had to win because it gives a message that money is not everything. Because of these inspirational moves, it has been able to get a high rating in IMDb and is very motivational.

Why So Much Attention For Underwater Dreams Film?

This Underwater Dreams Film shows the struggle against all odds and has shown every segment of The Dark World. There is a clear definition of problems like drug use, unemployment, gangs, and crime. It is quite relatable to the people, and the audience almost wants those four kids to win at the end. The Robotics competition by NASA and the Office of Naval Research is like a head-turner that changes these four protagonists’ lives. The building of the underwater robots is intense, and the camera shots are amazing. The narration is also picture-perfect, which makes the audience stay glued to the story.

The story becomes quite interesting because there is a detail about a robot named ‘stinky,’ and the name has a funny story behind it. It is because of the smell of the PVC glue that it gets the name, and it is an enjoyable element in the competition.


The overall review of The Underwater Dreams film is amazing, and people worldwide have gained motivation from it. Just move forward and watch it for once, and even you will like this story.

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