What Are Lucid Dreams


Lucid dreaming is the act of consciously taking control of your dreams. Rather than just moving through your dream, you become aware that you’re in a dream and then take control of the direction it’s going. One of my favorite movies, Inception, shows lucid dreaming as almost a superpower. The movie is all about pulling off stunts during dreams that would otherwise seem impossible. Although, hopefully, most of us will never have to break into a fortress that’s only accessible through shared dreaming. Some people experience lucidity naturally in the form of nightmares. The idea behind lucid dreaming is to be able to control when they happen and make them more pleasant. If you’ve ever had an incredibly vivid nightmare, then it’s easy to see how this could be worth trying for.

History of Lucid Dreams:

The first recorded lucid dream happened in 1784 when a man by the name of Marquis Hervey de Saint-Denys wrote about it. He was able to remain self-aware during his dream and control the direction it went. After that, people started studying it more and more to see what could be done. In 1975, Stephen LaBerge did some pretty groundbreaking research on lucid dreaming and found out how to have a lucid dream on demand. Lucidity continued to be studied, and nowadays there are plenty of techniques people can use to become self-aware in their dreams.

Types of Lucid Dreams:

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There are a ton of different types of lucid dreams out there. You can have ones where you fly, or you can just tell people that they don’t exist. It’s all up to your imagination and how much work you put into reaching the dream state during sleep. Having a dream in which you become lucid is pretty common, but there are other ways to do it as well. Some people will practice certain things during sleep that trigger their dream state and make them aware of what’s happening. Other people try to induce their lucid dream by taking supplements designed to make them have vivid dreams. There are also other ways people can become lucid, but instead of exploring them here, it might be better if you investigated for yourself. There are a few different routes you can go if you want to learn more about lucid dreaming. One of the best ways is to find a book on the topic and start from there. These books will teach you everything from how to have a dream in which you become lucid, to different techniques you can use once you’ve got it. Another good way is to learn from other people who have been through what you’re going through and have become self-proclaimed experts.


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Lucid dreaming is all about having fun and seeing what you can do during your dreams that would otherwise be impossible. Not only can you explore the lands in your dreams, but sometimes you’ll be able to go places you’ve never been before. If you’re worried about having nightmares or bad dreams, then lucid dreaming is a great way to avoid that. The more control you have over what happens during your dream, the less chance there is of random things popping up that will make your head spin.

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