What Do Dreams Mean – Are They A Fantasy Or A Reality

what do dreams mean

All of us dream while sleeping and think about what they mean. They are true incidents or just thoughts that we have in our minds. Dreams are a subject of interest and curiosity for people. Thus, people are inquisitive regarding what do dreams mean and the reasons behind dreaming.

Theories Regarding What Do Dreams Mean

There are several theories about dreams. If you want to know what do dreams mean, you should understand the reasons behind dreaming. It is believed that:

  • Dreams represent our hidden desires and wishes which are there in our unconscious mind
  • Dreams are a reflection of whatever information we gather. Process and consolidate during the day.
  • Dreams also interpret random signals received from our body as well as the brain while sleeping

Neurobiological Theory For What Do Dreams Mean

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John Allan Hobson and Robert Mc Carley proposed neurobiological theory regarding dreams. It is based on the activation-synthesis hypothesis. According to this theory, dreams do not have any specific meaning. Dreams are electrical impulses of the brain that draw thoughts from our past randomly. It suggests that people create their own dream stories after waking up.

Threat Simulation Theory

This theory believes that dreams are like a defense mechanism that our brains develop to face scary circumstances. According to this theory, there is a direct relation between dreaming and the mental and emotional well-being of a person. Those people who live in an immensely volatile environment where there is less mental peace and more anxiety tend to dream more.

Suppressed Desires Theory Of Dreaming

Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud has proposed another theory regarding what do dreams mean. His theory states that dreams are a reflection of a person’s hidden and suppressed desires. If a person has a wish that has been repressed since childhood, he would dream about that. Subdued desires stay in your subconscious mind and you dream about them while you are asleep.

Functions Served By Dreams

  • Dreams help in the development of cognitive capabilities
  • At times, dreams also prepare us for the future.
  • Dreams are a simulation of our real-life incidents
  • Dreams also enhance our memory and record the events in our minds
  • Dreams help us to introspect and improve ourselves

 Dreams Regarding Future

To Understand What Do Dreams Mean to Transform Them Into Reality?

Dreams play a vital role in the success of a person’s life. If a person does not dream about his future, he would not be motivated to perform better and turn those dreams into a reality. Dreams act like an anchor in our lives and show us the direction to move ahead.


People should work hard to transform their dreams into a reality. They should be committed to achieving excellence in their lives. They should realize the true power of dreams. If a person has a vision, he can certainly toil hard to achieve it.

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