What Does a Dream Mean?

Dreams can have multiple meanings

Everyone dreams – men, women, children and even blind people. We sleep for one-third of our lives, and spend around 2 hours every daydreaming. At times, it becomes increasingly difficult to recall it entirely after waking up, and we have for centuries often wondered what does a dream mean. Decoding a dream can interpret the subconscious part of the mind. This is, at leats, what many psychoanalysts believe.

Association of Dreams with Religion and God

Boy reading a relegious book

Humans in the early years thought that dreams were an extension of the real world. Thought to be the more powerful of the two, these sleep functions are associated with religion, God, omens, and prophecies.

While some people believe that dreams are evil, others believe that it is holy. Modern studies show that dreams have a hidden meaning to them. It represents repression and fear, and this all occurs in our subconscious minds.

Association of Dreams with Culture

A cultural bar-mitzvah

The question of what do dreams mean has been asked a lot again and again. Interpretation of dreams are different and vary from culture to culture. No discussion about dreams confirms that they are real or not.

The constant part here is that they appear to be real. This makes one belief dreams to be true or reflection of the future after waking up.

Do Dreams Have a Hidden Meaning?

Dreaming is a part of our life and we don’t have much control over it. We may experience both pleasant dreams and nightmares. Many people think of dreams as being a hidden agenda to something. However, studies have shown that dreams may actually not have any hidden meaning. It is just a revelation of our deepest needs and desires in our most uncontrolled state.

By dreaming, our mind allows us to express ourselves in a way that we would not if we were awake or conscious.

Dreams Are Chaotic

What do dreams mean is a question that a lot of us ask. We’re new to dreams. We need to settle ourselves in life with a greater degree of acceptance towards dreams as part of our imagination. It can lessen our thoughtfulness about what it means.

The search for meaning in life is what fuels human evolution, and we have a long way to go. We need to first understand if dreams actually have a meaning. People have already tried, fully and profoundly, to attribute any absolute meaning to dreams.

Maybe, the question will never be answered in a way we have answered others, like what is the speed of light. Meanings behind dreams remain a mystery. Dreams and the meaning behind them are probably not for us to see, as the universe works on one rule only, Something that defies all meanings and explanations: Chaos!

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