What Does a Flood Dream Mean

flood dream meaning

In this article ll discuss the many different flood dream meanings and examples of exactly what a flood can mean in a dream. Most floods are commonly associated with major storms or periods of heavy rain, and tend to be quickly followed by a strong downpour or flood. The cause of such a flood might be something as simple as a shortage of rain or a buildup of too much water in the earth. More seriously, such a flood may indicate that there is an impending eco disaster that can cause serious problems for humans and other living creatures. There are also some cases where floods may have been caused by human intervention. Such are the cases of world wars that see massive destruction of property and kill thousands of people.

An Overview

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The flood dream meaning most closely associated with human emotions is the feeling of being overwhelmed or abandoned. When such a situation arises, it usually signifies a time when the cares and responsibilities of everyday life have been left behind and we are left with only our feelings to carry on with. In some cases this feeling carries over to the subconscious, where it causes emotional blockages or even panic. In these situations the flood symbolizes a period of mourning for the loss of all that we have ever known. We mourn the loss of our friends, our families, our home, our possessions, and anything else that we think is significant to us.

There are different types of disasters that can result in floods. In some cases natural disasters are related to drought or rain storms while in other cases man-made events such as bridges collapsing or large fires can result in suffering from flood. When suffering from floods the people who live in these areas experience extremely bad luck. They may find themselves unable to eat or drink and some even get sick. It is not uncommon for these individuals to be afflicted with physical ailments such as rashes and ulcers.

Flood Dream Definition

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In some cases we see floods as having the power to send out a bad omen. If we look at the flood from a logical standpoint we will realize that it is not really a bad omen at all. The rising of water levels is simply an expression of the changing dynamic forces within the Earth’s ecosystem. When the Earth sends off this rising water it can usually do so with disastrous results. This happens because the flooding waters act as a sort of mass purging of all the harmful things in our environment as a sort of cleansing mechanism.

It is important to remember that the subconscious mind is the seat of our most powerful beliefs and emotions. When this part of the brain gets overloaded by all the negativity and bad vibes it endures a form of psychological imbalance that may often manifest itself physically in the form of physical illness. The flood in our dream may feel overwhelming because the subconscious is filled with such strong negative energies. This means that we are trying to deal with an extremely difficult situation when in reality the situation itself is not overly challenging at all. Many people believe that dealing with a flood in a dream is a great way to put us into a state of relaxation and balance.

Another common sign that a flood in a dream symbolizes is the onset of a new phase or cycle. This can be a very good sign if we are dealing with a life altering event. This new phase or cycle often symbolizes great change. Often times we are dealing with significant life changes such as a divorce or death in the family. A time of transition is always considered to be a good sign in our lives.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many different ways in which a flood can show up in a dream. Each of these different symbols has their own meaning associated with them. It is important to remember that a flood can represent anything from a negative event to a positive transformation. When encountering a dream like this one, it is important to try to understand its true meaning and use it for your benefit.

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