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what does vivid mean

What does vividly mean? To some people, it means a certain level of color intensity or “energy”. To others, vivid means brighter colors, such as a brightly burning flame, or the bright glare of the sun on something bright. Some people might consider a bright area of color to be more vivid than another.

In a technical sort of way, then, “vibrancy” can mean a certain quantity of perceived color intensity. However, the meaning of “vibrance” itself is broader than this. Vibrancy is the ability to perceive color. Therefore, when someone says something is “vibrant”, that means they can perceive color in a greater amount of detail than someone else might, but it also suggests there’s something beyond the words to account for the increased clarity and vividness.

What Does Vivid Mean

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We’ve all heard the saying, “You don’t need a vivid imagination.” That statement doesn’t mean anything in particular about how many vivid imaginations we have. The use of “vibrancy” was first used in Advertising Terms in Vintage Books in the 1920s by writers Victoria Brittain. Brittain suggested that people should be able to see their pictures in color, with the background remaining the same, in order to visualize themselves looking at it. If you look closely at that quote, you’ll see that she uses the term “vibrancy” three times, implying that you need to have a vivid imagination in order to create those pictures in your mind.

The use of “vibrancy” wasn’t limited to magazines or advertising at that point, but it was still widely used. The term “vibrancy” wasn’t understood at the time, so advertisers would describe the colors they used to create their pictures using terms like “inviting”, “warm”, “impressive”, “clear”, and so on. Even now, when you use vividness in advertising or writing, you are still likely to use the word “vibrant.”

It can help to look at what does vivid means in a different way. Instead of imagining yourself vividly looking at something, what would you want to be? For most of us, the answer is probably “very busy and extremely productive”.

A Much Ado 

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So instead of trying to create a picture in your mind’s eye that includes all the details, and vivid details that we’d like to see, we’d be more accurate to say that we’d like to see that picture as being real. This clearer definition of “what does vivid mean” allows us to move away from the phrase “create vividly” and move directly into a description of what we want to be. It also makes it easier for us to think about ways we can use it vividly in our day-to-day lives.

As an example, suppose you’re a teacher. One day you’re giving a lesson on creativity to a group of children. The phrase “create vivid stories” might come to mind as you give this explanation. In reality, you aren’t creating a story. Instead, you’re describing how you would feel like the creative content created by your words.

Final Words 

When you’re giving this same teaching example to someone else, she might interpret your words in a way that doesn’t fit with her model of what she wants to be. To effectively communicate what does vivid means, you need to be able to make the language fit the way you think, feel, and also the world. When you don’t, you’re likely to find yourself explaining things to people in a way that doesn’t sound as vivid as you’d hoped it would. You can work around this by being more descriptive in other areas, such as your body of work or where you have experience. This is why knowing what does vividly mean can be useful in so many areas of your communication with others!

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