What Is Dreaming And What It Tell Us About Memory?

What Is Dreaming And What It Tell Us About Memory?

A dream is nothing but a sequence of images that continuously occurs involuntarily in one’s mind during his or her sleep. Dreams can be occurring in the form of stages which, however, include ideas, emotions, and sensations as well. Dreaming is an important part of sleep and our existence. It helps to keep us in the world of imagination and relax our mind during sleep. It also helps to maintain a good mood and set Ifor quite some time.

What Is Dreaming And What It Tell Us About Memory?
What Is Dreaming And What It Tell Us About Memory?

What is a Dream?

Thus, a dream is basically something that one is aware of at some of the other times of its occurrence. However, dreaming can be broken into pieces while its occurrence, have no connection with one another and may also have no logic to it. Meanwhile, until and unless the individual is aware that he or she is having a dream while sleeping, then it would not be considered like a dream.

However, the inability to recall a dream later when the individual is awake has no meaning that he or she was not aware of it when it did occur. It simply means that the feeling or the experience was not that strong that it could be carved in that particular individual’s memory.

Dreams Bringing Back Memories

However, the interesting fact lies that we all know what is a dream, but while defining we are unable to do so. There is not a single definition of a dream that is universally accepted. This is because a dream is very broad and a large word in terms of one’s perception. For being large, it has various ways of rating and putting ranks or scores, for example, an individual uses an eight-point scoring system from 0 (which means no dream) to 7 ( which means long stages of a dream, which can be more than 5 stages).

Physical Base of Dreams-

Whatever an individual sees, imagines or thinks are linked to the neural response which is somewhere in the brain. The impression of the sensory idea is given by the neo-cortex which is usually present in the sensory areas.

The Purpose Of Dreaming

Scientists do say that dreams serve an important purpose and function. Meanwhile, in Psychology, there are a lot of interesting ideas about the functions of dreams. Sigmund Freud suggested that dreams can reflect desires which are forbidden. Often there are dreams which become a serious threat and are not good for any adult. However, since it is the subconscious mind working, you cannot really help. The fact lies that this percentage is much more than the threats in the individual having the dream in his or her actual life.

Memories in Dreams –

Memories are basically episodic in nature, as they represent the entire episode instead of in fragments. Studies reveal that memories are replayed in sleep at times but in a rare case scenario.


The rapid eye movement is the time when a person dreams deeply. Dreams come in various phases and fragments. However, dreams mostly focus on the things or activities people do the previous day.

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