Why Do People Dream? The Meaning Behind It

Why Do People Dream? The Meaning Behind It
Do we dream to feel happy?

Dreams are often referred to as hallucinations while sleeping. No one exactly knows why do people dream and what does it mean. The brain shows us images and creates stories while we dream. Most of the times, we don’t even remember the dream after waking up. While all of us wonder what dreams mean and seek various interpretations, not many ask why do people dream.

It is almost as if we have accepted that dreams are a part of our life. Even when they lack logic and rationality, we embraced the fact that dreaming is normal.

Different Theories Regarding Why Do People Dream

Why Do People Dream? The Meaning Behind It
Different people, different theories

There are different kinds of dream – pleasant, nightmares, bizarre, epic or even ghostly. They can be as vivid and memorable that some peopleend up remembering and recalling the full dream even years after its occurrence.

On the other hand, they can also be totally uneventful so that you might even not remember dreaming. The reason behind dreaming is unknown although there are many theories.

According to one theory, dreams are recreated from parts of our memories lying in our subconscious state of mind. People or places that we see in our dreams are all part of our memories that aren’t active in our mind. It is also believed that dreams tend to reflect our state of mind. If someone is longing to break free or is feeling pressurized in life, they will likely dream about flying.

Indeed, flying indicates a desire for freedom and some sort of release. Similarly, if one dreams about falling, it reflects that they are considering making some life-altering choices. Studies also show that dreams impact our daily life actions in a way we don’t even notice.

If you had a pleasant dream, then you are more likely to be happy throughout the day, without even knowing it. On the contrary, if you had a nightmare, then your actions would suggest that, without having to make any intentional efforts towards it.

Dreams Can be Interpreted

Why Do People Dream? The Meaning Behind It
Dream interpretations

For thousands of years, humans have wondered about interpretations of their dreams. Egyptian pharaohs would consult their priests to know if their dreams had any message from the gods. The same was true for Roman and Greek rulers. Some even thought that dreams were a way to contact their ancestors and gods.

Modern day science, on the other hand, has attributed reasoning behind dreams as a way to help solve our problems in life and process emotions in a much better way. It is even said that if one goes to bed tensed and feeling troubled, they might end up with a solution that they were not able to come up with while being awake.

However, dreams and reason behind their occurrence remain mysterious. There is no solid proof to back up many of the theories that exist. Dreams are often strange and even non-sensical so we, ourselves, tend to dismiss any logic behind it.

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