Why Do We Run Slowly In Our Dreams?

The human brain is a very complex organ. Run slowly in our dreams is a common dream most of us may have encountered. It is very difficult to understand the functioning of the brain. There have been so many researches and experiments, and still, there is a lot to cover to understand this human organ totally.

The brain is responsible for all the activities we do in our life, be it our emotions, actions, everything is governed by the brain. Also, one of the things which science has not been able to understand is why do we get dreams when we sleep. There have been many explanations of the interpretation of the dreams, yet no one has ever been able to prove why we get them.

It is the game of the brain. It tries to manifest something in the virtual world that we try to achieve in the real world.

Why do we run slowly in our dreams?
Why do we run slowly in our dreams?

Dreams And Reality- Run Slowly In Our Dreams

It has been found that whatever we do during the day, the work, the thoughts that come across our mind, everything can be seen by us in our dreams. The brain tries to manifest our wishes and wills in the virtual world of dreams. So, we can say that dreams are something that is an extension of our reality.

Running In Dreams- Run Slowly In Our Dreams

There are so many types of dreams we encounter on a daily basis. There are dreams which scare us; there are some which we love to have as they manifest our wishes in our dreams. Then there are dreams where we try to run from someone or something.

This particular look impossible, no matter how many times we get the same dream. We always run in slow motion in our dreams, or we run very slowly in our dreams. This has always been the case with me, and I am sure with many of you too.

Why do we run slowly in our dreams?
Why do we run slowly in our dreams?

Researches On Slow Running

Many researches have been carried out to find the reason behind the slow running in the dreams. This is said to be a very common problem for people. Many people have experienced this slow running in their dreams.

It was found that people took almost double the time to complete a task in their dreams than they took in their real life. Yes, so that means, in general, we all work slowly in our dreams as compared to our lives. So it is not only the case with the running, but with every activity we do in our dreams.

For the case of running, an explanation has been given that running in dreams in proportional to the life activities. Since our life moves slowly, so we run slowly in dreams too. It also means that there is something in your life that is taking time to happen, and this corresponds to the running in your dreams.

So, that means it is the manifestation of a work which is due to happen in your life; this is the reason you run slowly in your dreams. So, next time you run slowly in your dreams, you will be clear of the reason. So try to finish off the pending works which have occupied your mind and maybe you will get rid of the slow running.

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