Why do you get Vivid Dreams after Quitting Smoking Weed

Upon quitting cannabis, many notice their dreams become a lot more vivid and intense. But why? Here is a detailed answer to this question.

Sleep Cycles

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To answer that question, it is first necessary to understand sleep cycles. Every night, people tend to go through between four and five sleep cycles, each lasting around 90 minutes. Out of these, one phase is known as rapid eye movement sleep (REM) whereas others are known as non-REM sleep. These include N1: when you’re falling asleep, N2: when you transition between sleep states, and N3: the deepest sleep state considered to be the most mentally and physically restorative.

Effect on Cannabis on your Sleep Cycles

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Although it is possible to dream in non-REM sleep cycles, approximately 80% of dreaming happens during REM cycles. Usually the last stage of sleep before waking, if you wake up during it, you remember your dreams. However, if you only wake up after REM has finished, you won’t remember anything. As cannabis is known to suppress REM sleep, while smoking the substance, people tend not to have nor then remember their dreams. This then leads to dreams being more intense after someone stops using cannabis in what is known as the ‘rebound effect’. 

“If you’ve been taking a drug that suppresses a certain phenomenon for a while, then that phenomenon will come back stronger when you stop using that drug. That’s what we call ‘the rebound effect’ – which is also noticeable in people who take a lot of sleeping pills. If they stop taking those, they often get very strange and intense dreams. That is also often the reason why people keep taking those sleeping pills – they become dependent on them, which is to say, addicted.”

Essentially, after you quit cannabis, the body attempts to catch up on all the dreaming you are missing while on the substance. A temporary phenomenon, it usually dissipates after two or three weeks as the body habituates to REM sleep cycles. 

Vibration Effect

If your frequency is generally lower than weed then it will temporarily raise your vibration, not as much as something like lsd can but still. If your vibration is generally higher then it will in fact lower it.

An addict to it isn’t addicted through the physical, it’s a vibration thing. It helps raise you up, and controlled can help you stay higher vibrational until you find either in a different substance or a different kind of practice. Substances used for this may include micro dosing lsd, practices include things like yoga or meditation. The spiritual use of crystals could also do this.

It sounds like it’s lifting your vibration and as you third eye or crown is open and active this is playing it’s part in keeping it active whilst you enter rem.

At some point, to keep this activity going or to strengthen it, when your vibration is normalised to this level of frequency through good food, exercise etc then the weed will only dampen this activity and will have to be left behind.

These are some scientifically proven facts on getting vivid dreams on quitting smoking weed.

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